Practice Philosophyconsidering patients as your next of kin

  At a banquet held for different specialists and experts, two elites from different industries sat next to each other: One is the Director of Board of Metagone Biotech Inc., Mr. Hsiang Cheng, who is also the Director of Board of Solytech Enterprise Corporation (a listed electronic company); another is Dr. Tai-Lung Cha, Associate Dean, Tri-Service General Hospital, who is also the lead technology consultant of our company. The two talked about the ideas of disease prevention and treatment due to the medical background of Dr. Cha (Physician, Division of Urology, Department of Surgery). After being inspired and touched by the attitude of “considering patients as your next of kin” of Dr. Cha and the facts that cancer has been the leading cause of death for years, Mr. Cheng decided to sponsor the R&D project on anti-cancer drugs conducted by Dr. Cha. Therefore, Metagone Biotech Inc. was founded.

  Our company was founded on January 22, 2015, and the initial capital was NT$40 million, Because of the rapid addition of clinical experimental business and R & D investment, the number of initial capital increases up to NT$226 million. Moreover, in recent days, the number of the employees grows from 5 people to 20 people,including( 3 Ph.D. and 14 MSc).