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2019 BIO Asia Taiwan Exhibition Sincerely invite you to visit us

  Metagone Biotech Inc. focuses on cancer disease biology and drug target technology to develop unique and novel drug products and contribute to the development of Taiwan's biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to innovative mechanisms for the development of new drugs - pDAPK biomarkers for a wide range of tumors, MG small molecule anticancer drugs and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) small molecule new drug MG-S-2525. We have several Phase I clinical trials ongoing which are progressing smoothly.

  Metagone Biotech Inc. will be exhibiting in the BIO Asia Taiwan Exhibition on 2019/07/25~07/28. We welcome your visit to booth 608 and 610 in District M to familiarize yourselves. For a more personalized introduction, feel free to complete the appointment form and we will ensure you have our undivided attention!

Welcome everyone to come!

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